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  • Electronic non-cash payment instrument which can be used to pay for goods and services in shopping centres Alfa, Dole, Galerija Centrs, Mols and Origo until expiry date. Value of gift card is set by buyer of the card. Galactico gift card can be used together with other payment means – your credit/debit card or cash.

  • If the card is bought in the Info centre of  shopping centre, the gift card will be made on the spot at the moment of purchase and it is not necessary to apply for it beforehand.

  • The gift card is made free of charge. The buyer of the gift card have to pay only the sum that will be transfered to the gift card. There is no commision for purchase or use of the gift card.

  • It is possible to spend the value one gift card on multiple purchases in its value limits. These purchases can be made in different Galactico shops and also in different Galactico shopping centres.

  • The gift card is accepted by RIMI hypermarkets located in the Galactico shopping centres.

  • The gift card is valid for 6 months from the card`s day of purchase. Expiration date of the gift card is shown on the card and it is last day when the card is valid for making purchases.

  • It is possible to prolong the gift card for one more month after its expiration date in any of the five Galactico shopping centres by applying to the Information Centre and by showing the the expired card and paying a comission based on the pricelist. If the balance is 5 LVL or more it can be transferred to the new card. Card can be prolonged by 1 month.

  • Yes, it is possible to buy a specially designed gift card covers for the gift card at the Info centres.

  • It is not possible to renew an electronic gift card`s value and a used-up card is not valid for any further use.

  • It is possible to unify the cards by creating a new card or cards but it depends on the remaining balance of the existing cards. In this case the client can submit application form together with the existing cards to the Information centre in ony of the shopping centres of Galactico. The new unified card/-s will be sent to the Information Centre indicated in the application form. Newly created card’s value can not exceed 150 EUR.

  • A lot of attention is paid to Galactico gift cards payment system safety. All the information about the card accounts is kept in a secure, sophisticated and protected environment.

  • SIA Dāvanu karte – issuer of Galactico gift cards, is an electronic money institution registered in the Bank of Latvia and supervised by the Bank of Latvia and the Finance and Capital Market Commission. The system is regulated by Credit Institution Law and corresponding regulations of the Bank of Latvia.

  • In case of a lost Galactico gift card cannot be blocked or renewed and the remaining balance is not refunded.

  • Damaged (broken, demagnetized, folded etc.) gift card can be replaced by transferring remaining balance to a new card.  To apply for a gift card replacement  you have to refer to the Information Centre in any of the Galactico shopping centres and submit an application form together with the damaged card. New gift card will be sent to the Information Centre which is indicated as place of receiving in your application form.



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