Galactico Privilege Card - Earn with every purchase

Galactico Privilege program gives privileges and benefits to its members in five shopping centers – S/c Alfa, S/c Origo, S/c Galerija Centrs, S/c Mols and S/c Dole.

Present the Galactico Privilege Card
The Galactico Privilege Card is available in two formats - the Galactico Privilege Card and Galactico VISA in cooperation with Luminor bank.

Get discounts and earn extra with each purchase!


On February 19, 2018 the new Galactico Privilege Program point accumulation period has started!
During the point accumulation period, 1% of the purchase amount that has been registered under Galactico Privilege Program will be calculated and transferred into the member's point account of Galactico Privilege Program. Point accumulation period will last till July 15, 2018. Accumulated points for period 19/02/2018 – 15/07/2018, starting from 7 points, can be converted into Galactico Gift Card till August 12, 2018.

Receive discounts in more than 400 points of sale – shops, restaurants, beauty parlors, travel agencies, sports clubs and from service providers.

Earn points for purchases in 650 points of sale, receiving 1% of the purchase amount in your points account, and exchange for money in the form of a Galactico Gift Card. The points accumulated in the stores of all five Galactico shopping centers sum up together! More on point accumulation and terms of use.

Receive gifts, benefits and special offers intended exclusively for members of the Galactico Privilege Program:

  • in stores (including H&M, RIMI, Drogas)
  • press kiosks
  • in cafes
  • insurance companies
  • in travel agencies
  • in restaurants
  • pharmacy stores
  • cinema Cinamon
  • from domestic service providers
  • View all offers

The Privilege Card is available in two formats

Galactico Privilege Card

  • A loyalty card that provides its user with the benefits of the Galactico Privilege program
  • The card can be acquired by persons from the age of 7.
  • Remember to always bring your card with you and show it to the sales person before paying for your purchase.
  • Fee for card issuance for 2 years – 10 EUR.

Galactico VISA card (in cooperation with Luminor Bank)

  • One card combines all the functions of the standard payment card and the benefits provided by the Galactico Privilege program.
  • The card can be acquired by persons from the age of 16.
  • Discounts and Privilege points are granted automatically at the time of payment for the purchase.
  • Card issuance and usage fee in accordance with the pricelist of the Luminor Bank.

Make the gift special! Choose the packing according to the event.



How to purchase the card?

The Galactico Privilege card is available at the Information Center of  any Galactico shopping centers –  AlfaOrigoGalerija CentrsMols or Dole. The Galactico Privilege card is made instantly at the time of purchase.

To become a Galactico VISA card user, call at 1880, apply for the card at the Luminor Bank’s WEB page or in the Netbank.

Privilege coupon – give it as a gift!

The Privilege coupon is a way to give your friends and relatives the Galactico Privilege card as a gift. The Privilege coupon should be exchanged for the Galactico Privilege card at the Information Center of any Galactico Shopping Center within 6 months from the date of purchase of the coupon.

The Privilege coupon can be purchased at the Information Centers of S/c Alfa, S/c Origo, S/c Galerija Centrs, S/c Mols and S/c Dole or in the website with delivery all over Latvia. 

Present the Galactico Privilege Card

privilege card
Galactico Privilege Card
10,00 €
The Galactico Privilege Card coupon needs to be exchanged for a plastic card at the information center at any Galactico shopping center.